Sunday, December 22, 2013

Almost Christmas!

Well, I have finished all 4 quilts, and, if my luck holds, I'll get Grace's quilt finished before Christmas Day when everyone shows up at our house.  I'm so glad to have them done and hope the kids will like them.

And I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration.  Pictures will follow soon!!

Monday, December 09, 2013


So I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and I realize I am planning for January.  I mean, December is a write-off at this point.  I am working quite well and have the end in sight for Christmas projects.   As soonas I finish a binding and a couple of labels I must, must, must finish machine quilting Grace's quilt so it is ready for Christmas, too.  I will probably work on that today and do handwork tonight.

Before I start with the goals, I'll share a finish! Here are my handsome son and gorgeous daughter-in-law on their anniversary with their quilt!  Whew, was that ever a job! Even my 10 year old grandson mentioned that I sure was sewing on that quilt a lot!!

For next year here are the things I need to do FOR SURE!
1.  Finish Comfort and Joy.  I just have the borders to machine applique and then sew it together.  So I will actually have it ready next Christmas.

2.  I am waiting on Carol from Ewe's Quilting so I can finish Curly Top.  I am worried about her because November and December aren't up and she has had so much sickness and heartbreak.  Does anyone know anything about her?

Here are my two babies that I adore and have no quilts from Onnie.  I'm such a loser.  Anyway, I am doing Curly Top for my curly Ruby on the right.  Then I'm going to do Blondie Top for my Georgia.  I am going to design some new blonde hair or Curly and make another one.  Fun ahead!!!

3.  I found a beautiful medallion quilt I started several years ago.  I have all the pieces  made and the challenge will be to get the pieces all figured out and put together.

4.  I need to finish my row quilt from Patchwork Posse that got pushed aside as I figured out I wanted to finish things by Christmas. I have 7 rows done and it won't take too much for me to finish it up.

So those are the finishes.  A post about the ones I want to start will be up pretty sure.  And the list is long.

Hope you are all chugging along on Christmas chores.  I love the season, but it is hard to shop for 15 people, but I am so lucky to have them all!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Still at it!

So I am still hand quilting. I won't even let myself go to the sewing room. I miss it!! But this is number one on my list. I have 10 days from today.

 Every time I finish something, I decide to add something else.I did the inside  border, and thought, well, I just can't do anymore.   Then I did the outside border, and thought, that's it, I'm finished.  But then I looked at the negative spaces in the blocks and knew I wasn't finished after all.  I'm certainly not very good, but I'm getting better. I'm not using a frame right now.
9 more of these and I'm finished.  Really.  Except for binding.

These were so easy.  I could go one direction!!

I'm going to have to add some batting in the left corner.  Seems like a little poodle thought it would be fun to chew that stuff up!
I've already been to several design walls.  There are so many things I want to do, but have this to finish and then bindings, bindings, bindings!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Desperate Times! Where are my desperate measures?

So I am desperately hand quilting. My fingers are raw. I have been working hours every day. Who knew this took so darn long. (Everyone but me?)

 Since this is Quilting Confessions, I will confess. This is a wedding signature quilt. I am trying so hard to finish it because this will be their....oh, I'm so ashamed....10th anniversary this year. Tenth. I know.  Peyton, who drew that cute heart and wrote his name....he's driving  I think you can now call me the queen of procrastinators!   I thought it was such a small quilt it would be a piece of cake to hand quilt.  I thought that 10 years ago!  I need this finished completely by the 28th.

Anyway, I am just about finished with the blocks and am ready for the border.  I don't know how to keep the border tight to quilt it.  Any hints would be appreciated on how to do that.  I also read last night that some people are using Press N Seal to trace their patterns and then quilting through it so you don't have to mark the quilt.  Has anyone tried that?  I got mine out last night, but decided to watch Walking Dead instead of trying it.  (I have my priorities!!)

He drives.  He's a junior in high school.  

I have a stencil to quilt a pretty design in all the empty blocks.  I think I'm over it, though.  I'll just be happy to finish!
Wish me luck.  Something tells me I need it.  All hints and tips appreciated.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

November Goals

I have been thinking about this for several days, so I  might as well go for it.
I gave up and took the secret quilts to the long arm quilter.  I'll get them back about the middle of the month.  Then I'll need to start binding them.
  1. Finish hand quilting a ten year old wedding quilt.  I'm just so pathetic.
  2. I am cross hatch quilting Grace's quilt, and not doing a very good job.  It is my first time.  I think I'll put Grace and Onnie learn to quilt on the label.  Anyway, I want this finished for Christmas, too.
  3. I am starting to pull out UFOs and want to get them done.  It feels good to even have that in my head
  4. I want to continue to keep up with Curly Top from Ewe's Quilting.  I got tired of machine quilting so I got the October block done this morning.  It is so cute!
That is probably enough for November, and, of course, the Christmas secrets will come first.

Hope everyone else has things for Christmas all lined up and will get it done in time.  I, myself, and enjoying looking at Thanksgiving quilts and thinking.  I'm always thinking!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013


I have enjoyed the Wicked blog hop this last week. I like seeing what everyone else is doing. It just seemed like a good idea to show my fall projects, too.

 I saw a picture of this from a quilt show on a blog this morning. I am so anxious to start it, but I have some hand quilting to finish before I will let myself even think about starting it. But I have the most beautiful fabric all ready to go and I can't wait!

Here's a closeup of one of the houses!
I started this years ago and it was my very first hand applique project.  It may be my last since I've now learned to machine applique.  It is supposed to be a bag for trick or treat, and I probably started it back when I had one grandchild instead of seven!  I am thinking now that it wouldn't be too hard to turn this into a small quilt with blues and oranges.  Or maybe a table runner?  I'm thinking.  (Always thinking!!)
Here are some blocks I started years ago.  (See a pattern here?)  I think it's from Judy at Patchwork Times.  I don't know if the pattern is there or not.  I have a whole sackful of beautiful orange, green, and brown batiks to make leaves.  I need to work on this one!

Layout for finished quilt
Last year we spent Halloween in Oaxaca, Mexico, for Dia de los Muertos.  It was a wonderful and we wish we were back there now!  Their attitude toward death and skeletons (caleveras) is so different from ours in the US.  It was a wonderful 3 week trip.  Anyway, I managed to find some fabric shops while I was there.  It was so much fun!  I have several pieces of fabric for Day of the Dead, and even some lace and wall hangings.  I'm going to do something with all these skulls, but I don't know what.  Always thinking!
And, last but not least, my one finished project.  I made this quilt several years ago out of some beautiful charm squares in fall colors.  I just set them on edge, made it too long for the backing, and have used it ever since!
Well, that concludes my fall/Halloween round up.  If you have some fall things up and aren't on the Wicked blog hop, leave me a note so I can come look.  

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rest time!

I can't post a single picture, but I can report progress!!  I'm working on Christmas presents!  Just taking a break for a few minutes now.

Desperately need to hand quilt.  Every minute.  Now.

Have 2 quilts totally ready to quilt with tops and backs made.  Just can't decided to take them to long-arm person or do them myself.

Grace's quilt is all pinned for me to do.

3rd of 4th finished today.  Almost finished with back  I'm having to be creative!!

4th quilt.  Finished.  Have to do back and then decide who/how to quilt.

And I actually won something.  Oh, it was an exciting day!! Go here to see Carol's beautiful Counting Sheep design at Fun Threads Designs.  I hope to do it soon.

Left to do.
1.  The quilting.  Oy, the quilting.  What do I do?
2.  Get at least 1 of the two Christmas quilts finished for Christmas.
3.  Hand quilt.  Hand quilt.  Hand quilt.  Hand quilt.

That's all for me!  Isn't this fall beautiful??  Our hayride is next weekend!

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Well, I know it's been a long time since I posted.  I was sewing like crazy....hours every day! I was getting so much done!! And then we went to see my grandbabies, and since I've been back I'm a lump.  The inspiration left.  And I just have to get going.  I sit here thinking about what I need to be doing, yet I don't do it!  I'm mad at myself.  I'm even thinking about moving my machine into this living area so I will sew a little bit just on a whim.  I hate to bring the mess, though.

I have a decision to make.  I have some quilts all ready for quilting.  Now what to do.  I am not good enough at free motion to do them, but I don't like my long-arm person.  So they sit there, all folded, with me deciding.

Things I need to be working on:

  • 2 projects to be quilted
  • 1 backing to be pieced
  • Gracie's quilt to be quilted
  • 1 quilt top assembled, blocks made
  • 1 smaller quilt hand quilted

And that just takes me to Christmas and not even finishing my Comfort and Joy.  Maybe it's the decisions that have me hung up.   Hope you all are accomplishing more than I am.  I enjoy your blogs and projects.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Comfort and Joy

Well, I think Judy has forgotten all about Comfort and Joy, but I haven't! I have had a lot of fun with this pattern. When I first got it I just about panicked, but after quite a bit of obsessing about how to start, I have loved it.

I believe this is the block we were supposed to finish this month.  It was fun and easy.
I hadn't been able to figure out how to do the angel's hair or crown or whatever, so I just jumped into it and did it.  I'm going to embellish it anyway.
And here are the blocks sewn together. I got on the green outer border and have the appliqued outer borders ironed down.  I'm appliqueing a little every day.  Then I can worry about quilting it.....or not quilting it!!
I have several other things going that I can't talk about! Christmas is coming!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Free Motion Quilting

I'm soooooo over sending out my tops to be quilted. I never was really comfortable wit the people who did mine here in town, so I've just been saving tops. I have tons all ready. Some are even basted. Sometimes I just quit toward the end of making a quilt so I don't have another one, but I end up with UFOs.

 So a few weeks ago I took a free motion class. I think I may have mentioned it before. I enjoyed the class, and I learned a lot about thread and a start on patterns, but out of a class from 10:00 to 3:00, we only practiced about 20 minutes which was totally not enough. I was pretty darn disappointed. I was depressed a couple of days, but I practiced some, but never really found my rhythm.

 But I did find this wonderful site I want to share. It's by Leah Day and it's a Gallery of Free Motion Design.  It has 396 free motion designs with short videos to show you how to do them! It goes from Super Beginner (me) to difficult.  I've  been looking at the designs and practicing on paper.

Last week I went to the 70% close out sale (sob) of a nearby quilt shop, Sew Bee It.  I got the panel below and the coordinating fabric for a border and maybe the back, depending!  I'm going to go with some sort of spiral I think, practice a little, and just go for it.   I'll probably try different designs as I go.  My grandkids won't care what it looks like.  They don't even notice the quilting! Ha!  (As proof I could show you a favorite that is just a mutilated stitch in the ditch, but I won't.)

I'm really looking forward to get good enough to dig out all those tops!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Last year I was working on the Row quilt along with Patchwork Posse. One of the rows had a redwork snowman. I had so much fun sewing at night and listening to TV. So I went looking for a cute one to do for Spring.

I found the Rabbits Prefer Embroidery and went to work.  I enjoyed every stitch!  It's a Bunny Hill Design and cute as it can be.  So all I've done is the top row.  I have all the embroidery done, but haven't put any more together.  Soon!! Soon!!

Anyway, I found Hocuspocusville, and I feel in love with it!  I ordered it immediately from Crabapple Hill Studio.  I went to my favorite go-to shop and spent a small fortune on fabric, but I'm about ready to start on it!  I'm really looking forward to it.  To warm up, I'm going to work on the silly angel from Comfort and Joy.  I just have to get her hair done, and then I'll start this!  Yea!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This is my first post for Monday in a long while. I have been sewing, but just haven't posted.

 I am so happy that Carole is feeling better and posted some Curly Tops blocks. This is for my granddaughter with her own curly top. Her hair falls in ringlets and I just love it. So this quilt just was begging to be sewn!
August with a surfboard, sun-bleached hair, and a sunburn and July with a flag

I changed the tractor block to a Gator since she loves ours so much!
I get several blocks that need the same color and then I applique that color on as many blocks as I can.  Today I did black and am slowly working on the hair now in brown.  All those wavy lines are slow going.

This is how I store my thread and the bobbin that goes with it so I can change threads easily.  Anyone have another idea that will work easier?  (See the red marker scribble on my machine instruction book?  That so easily could have been on blocks! Whew! A close one!)
And I am still plugging along on Comfort and Joy.  The last block is on the bottom right.  I am going to frog sew and take it apart.  It seems to have some waves in it and there's no wind!!!  The angel is still missing on the left because her hair isn't done.  I stopped because I didn't like how it looked and haven't ever started again.  Maybe soon.
I absolutely love to read on Mondays.  I haven't been commenting much lately, but hope to today.  I'd love to hear from you!  Have a great week.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Busy, busy!

Much has been going on around here, and, believe it or not, sewing has taken place!! Here's the list!

 First, Grace, my almost 10 year old granddaughter,  made a quilt from a jelly roll. She sewed her little heart out. She wanted her name on it, so I found some letters on the web that she liked and we are now ready to quilt. There is a little problem there. I don't know exactly how and what I'm going to do, but here it is all sandwiched.  She even helped me do this!
Which leads me to the 2nd thing....I took a class in free-motion quilting.  It was an all day class, and to be honest, I was disappointed.  We only practiced about 20 minutes in all the time we were there.  I did learn a lot about thread and weights, tension, and more, but really felt I wanted to practice a lot more with someone there.  I did get help with my darning foot, and I've been practicing a little every day.

Carole at Ewe's Quilting got to feeling better after her cancer treatment, and she got caught up with Curly Top.  I was so excited.  I have one more block to iron down before I start the applique.  I changed the tractor to look like our Gator since little Ruby loves the Gator like crazy.  I am using all stash for this, and it hurts my feelings sometimes since there are so many bright fabrics I'd like to use.

Here is what I want to work on now....

  • Finish the Curly Top blocks and begin the machine applique
  • Finish the quilt that Holly and I are making and get it sandwiched.
  • Do 3 more rows for the Row by Row quilt (see upper right margin) and call it a day on that one.  This might be the first one I try to quilt.
  • Get the last Comfort and Joy block done and start on borders
  • Practice the free motion patterns I've decided to try.
  • Start some secret Christmas stuff!!!  
I've really been enjoying sewing.  We've been busy with company, grandkids, and yardwork, but there is still time for quilting.  I'm so grateful for my blessings!

I'm planning a trip to Atlanta to the quilt show in September.  I'm going to check out the longarms, but something tells me I'm not going to want to pay what they cost.  Does anyone have one they just love?  I'd love to hear about it!  Pretty please!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comfort and Joy for June

I don't think too many of us that started this quilt together are up to date, but I am.  I enjoy doing it!

I had never laid the whole quilt out before, so when I finished June, I had a look! I really love it.   The first picture is a close up of the block I did for this month, and the 2nd is a view of the whole quilt.  Everything is appliqued, but still have to finish the black angel hair on the bottom left.  I have really enjoyed it, and I'm doing two more applique quilts in the near future.  Will finish this one first!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I have been sewing, but just not much. It's the pain thing. It is sporadic and I never know when I'm going to have it, so it basically turns my life sporadic! I do things when I feel like it. We may actually have a diagnosis soon. Hooray!

 This is what I'm working on when I get the chance. It has a lot of parts. I have everything done but the HST. Today I am going to try to finish them and then sew some of the applique. This is just the cutest quilt. I just love it. If I had it to do over again (and I just might) I'd make all the pieced parts before I started the quilt.  I could make sure it was scrappy and it would go much faster.  This is the June block, so I'm not behind, but I wish I was moving more quickly.  I'll post a picture of mine when I finish.
I have 4 quilts going.  This is where I stand on them:

1.  See above
2.  The row quilt...I like the design, but my colors aren't my favorite.  And the designers really got into paper piecing, which did me in.  I am on my 2nd row of trees from that one, and I'm skipping the gifts row.  It's pretty and everything, but I'm wanting a winter, not Christmas quilt.
3. The Bunny Hill rabbit quilt is another one.  I've finished all the embroidery, but haven't put it all together.
4.  Curly Top is on hold indefinitely, and it's not even my fault.  The designer has cancer and isn't posting anything.  I have the 3 posted blocks done.

I'm also doing some hand quilting which is fun, but tiring.

Hopefully I will get back to normal soon, and so will the quilting!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So not much happening on the quilting front. First, after husband's surgery and dog's illness, we took out two 10 year olds to Washington DC for a week. It is so much fun to watch them start to see the world. We had a wonderful time. We met our senators,toured and toured, and saw everything we could possibly squeeze in.
Mt. Vernon

Freedom statue in the capitol visitor center.

In front of the capitol and the visitor's center.
So I came home ready to sew and excited to get some stuff done.  And in the car coming home the kidney infection hit.  My back has been hurting since last Wednesday.  I'm on antibiotics, but I'm still having pain.  Don't know what the deal is.

So I haven't sewn a stitch.  I've ordered the fabric from Fat Quarters Shop to make this....
I got the pattern from Crabapple Hill Studio.  I am excited to start doing some handwork again.  I could have done some of that.

I also added a button because I'm thinking about starting another sew along with Christa.  I just keep starting and never finishing.  Hopefully I can get down and sew a little today.  I am getting behind.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday

So I haven't posted in quite a while. Things have been pretty crazy here, but I sew when I can. Today I am waiting on my next row for the row quilt. I hope it's something that is easy to pull some fabrics in that I've already used.

 I've been a little discombobulated about the quilting. I was recovering from that stomach virus when our sweet little poodle got very sick. Be careful what you put on your lawn! She was throwing up blood from Scott's Weed and Feed that we put out. It didn't say anything about being harmful to dogs, but she was throwing up blood. On their site is says to water it in and wait until it dries before dogs get on it. There was nothing on the bag. She was a sick little girl, but she's ok now.

 Then my husband had a pain in his side that wouldn't go away, and after a long ER visit, it was diagnosed as gall bladder. So hurt on Tuesday. Final diagnosis on Wednesday. Surgery on Thursday. We don't waste any time around here. He is recovering nicely. This is the 3rd May in a row he's had surgery. In fact, this one was one year to the day since his last one. I'm starting to dread May!

I've not been able to get down to the sewing room, so I grabbed some handwork.  I'm quilting this wedding quilt.  It is pretty small, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem.  Ha.  Once I get going I enjoy it, but hate having to move the hoop all around to find a comfortable position to quilt.  I am going to be very proud of this when I am done.  I am trying to get it finished by November, their anniversary.  Did I mention this was wedding quilt signed by family?  Well, it's their 10th anniversary.
There are some empty snowballs around the outside.  I've been thinking about a motif for those, but I am still quilting around the edges.  Any ideas?

This shows how long I've put this off.  Peyton is a Sophomore in high school.  I am so bad.

I'm using this hoop and the quarter inch tape.  I tried not using tape, but my judgement itsn't very good!  This just makes it easier to mindlessly quilt.
I finished all the pink bunnies for my little Bunny Hill quilt.  I took them to the hospital with me and it made the time go faster.
In other news, we are actually having a spring here in Tennessee.  My  hummingbirds have migrated on, though, and I hope a new batch shows up soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Comfort and Joy (and Trees!)

I love working on my Comfort and Joy quilt. It is so much fun for me. I'm pretty sure my machine applique is bad, but I am still having a great time. In fact, I'm a month ahead!! I hope to start June block very soon, maybe today! I just love picking out the fabrics!

And in case anyone is doing the row quilt, here are my 3 trees from yesterday. I had a horrible time at first since I printed the pp pattern way too big. No wonder things wouldn't fit! Five more to go! I'm really enjoying this quilt!
Here's the whole thing.  My cardinals aren't the pattern that was put up by the designer.  I couldn't do the paper piecing.  It was just too hard for this beginner.  This row's trees are much easier for someone learning.  I just did the best I could by finding a cardinal on the web, doing my own branches, and embroidering pine needles.  I tried to stay in the spirit of the design, but with my own twist.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well, I've been a little out of the loop. We've been running around and had to cuddle some grandbabies in Charlotte this weekend. I thought about going to Mary Jo's, but I really didn't need anything, and I'd just add to the stash. I'd like to see the store now that they've changed some things.

I finished my row for the row quilt just this morning.  They don't show up very well, but I embroidered some pine needles for a little more interest.  I'm ok with it, but feel a little bad about not being able to paper piece.
The next row to the quit is paper piecing, too, but I think I might be able to handle just the triangle tops of trees.  And it will be a good start for me.  I've been down in my sewing room hunting for greens and putting together some scraps for trees.
I am ahead in my Comfort and Joy, but still need to do something about the angel hair.  I don't like it so far.  I'm going to start the gingerbread basket later.

This is my major cuddler, Ruby.  She just happens to be the one who is getting the Curly Top quilt from Ewe's Quilting.  I hope that Carole is doing ok from her chemo as the April block has not been posted.  Does anyone know how she is doing?  I haven't had time to check out the Monday design wall posts, but hope to do so today.  It's one of my favorite things to do on the net.

Happy quilting to all!  I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Paper Piecing Melt Down!

I am finally feeling a little better about my quilt row. This is the row quilt that I'm doing with Patchwork Posse, and I've really enjoyed the quilt. Last week was hexies, and after a little stress, I managed it. It was the printing on the card stock that had me the most worried. Technology related! And, I ended up ironing the print out on the card stock to get the hexie patterns.

 Anyway, I tried and tried to get the pp row done. And I was just hopeless. So, even though I really, really want to learn to paper piece, it's going to have to wait. I looked and found these two appliqued cardinals. I really love them, and there is some embroidery if I get my act together and decide to do it. It has pine needles embroidered, and I really like it. I think I may even put an appliqued birdhouse in the middle somewhere. A very easy birdhouse!!  Or maybe I'll just do pine branches.  But at least I am on the move again and not just stressing.

I'm trying to stay with the feel of the quilt, but just couldn't do the row below.

I've not had a chance to look at many of the design walls posted on Judy's site. For some reason I had lots of energy today and cleaned a lot instead of looking. But I'm off to do that now! I love to see what you all are doing!

EDIT!  I think I didn't make it clear about the cardinals I ended up doing.  They are appliqued and free on the web courtesy of Wee Folk Art.  I'm sorry if I assumed you could read my mind and would know that is what I did!  My bad!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This has been a weird couple of weeks. You didn't see any designs from me last week because it was also stomach virus Monday, and it was a rough one. The older I get, the longer it takes to get back to normal after something like that.

 Anyway, I was also traumatized by the English paper piecing snowflakes that we did on the row quilt. I need to learn to do them since I have a whole darn quilt waiting for me to do, but it was still hard. And I was preparing for our Easter blow-out and then recovering from the virus, so I didn't have much time. I didn't finish my row until Sunday afternoon.  I hope next week is a little easier.
Then I finished the first row of the pinkwork bunny quilt and I have more finished to work on.  I need to do more of the patchwork, but I'm also machine appliquing.
EDIT:  Oh no!!! This week is paper piecing!!! I've never done that in my life.  

Well, I'm off to look for some paper piecing tutorials.  I joined this to expand my horizons, so I'm expanding.  Good grief!!!!