Monday, November 18, 2013

Still at it!

So I am still hand quilting. I won't even let myself go to the sewing room. I miss it!! But this is number one on my list. I have 10 days from today.

 Every time I finish something, I decide to add something else.I did the inside  border, and thought, well, I just can't do anymore.   Then I did the outside border, and thought, that's it, I'm finished.  But then I looked at the negative spaces in the blocks and knew I wasn't finished after all.  I'm certainly not very good, but I'm getting better. I'm not using a frame right now.
9 more of these and I'm finished.  Really.  Except for binding.

These were so easy.  I could go one direction!!

I'm going to have to add some batting in the left corner.  Seems like a little poodle thought it would be fun to chew that stuff up!
I've already been to several design walls.  There are so many things I want to do, but have this to finish and then bindings, bindings, bindings!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Desperate Times! Where are my desperate measures?

So I am desperately hand quilting. My fingers are raw. I have been working hours every day. Who knew this took so darn long. (Everyone but me?)

 Since this is Quilting Confessions, I will confess. This is a wedding signature quilt. I am trying so hard to finish it because this will be their....oh, I'm so ashamed....10th anniversary this year. Tenth. I know.  Peyton, who drew that cute heart and wrote his name....he's driving  I think you can now call me the queen of procrastinators!   I thought it was such a small quilt it would be a piece of cake to hand quilt.  I thought that 10 years ago!  I need this finished completely by the 28th.

Anyway, I am just about finished with the blocks and am ready for the border.  I don't know how to keep the border tight to quilt it.  Any hints would be appreciated on how to do that.  I also read last night that some people are using Press N Seal to trace their patterns and then quilting through it so you don't have to mark the quilt.  Has anyone tried that?  I got mine out last night, but decided to watch Walking Dead instead of trying it.  (I have my priorities!!)

He drives.  He's a junior in high school.  

I have a stencil to quilt a pretty design in all the empty blocks.  I think I'm over it, though.  I'll just be happy to finish!
Wish me luck.  Something tells me I need it.  All hints and tips appreciated.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

November Goals

I have been thinking about this for several days, so I  might as well go for it.
I gave up and took the secret quilts to the long arm quilter.  I'll get them back about the middle of the month.  Then I'll need to start binding them.
  1. Finish hand quilting a ten year old wedding quilt.  I'm just so pathetic.
  2. I am cross hatch quilting Grace's quilt, and not doing a very good job.  It is my first time.  I think I'll put Grace and Onnie learn to quilt on the label.  Anyway, I want this finished for Christmas, too.
  3. I am starting to pull out UFOs and want to get them done.  It feels good to even have that in my head
  4. I want to continue to keep up with Curly Top from Ewe's Quilting.  I got tired of machine quilting so I got the October block done this morning.  It is so cute!
That is probably enough for November, and, of course, the Christmas secrets will come first.

Hope everyone else has things for Christmas all lined up and will get it done in time.  I, myself, and enjoying looking at Thanksgiving quilts and thinking.  I'm always thinking!!!