Sunday, December 22, 2013

Almost Christmas!

Well, I have finished all 4 quilts, and, if my luck holds, I'll get Grace's quilt finished before Christmas Day when everyone shows up at our house.  I'm so glad to have them done and hope the kids will like them.

And I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration.  Pictures will follow soon!!

Monday, December 09, 2013


So I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and I realize I am planning for January.  I mean, December is a write-off at this point.  I am working quite well and have the end in sight for Christmas projects.   As soonas I finish a binding and a couple of labels I must, must, must finish machine quilting Grace's quilt so it is ready for Christmas, too.  I will probably work on that today and do handwork tonight.

Before I start with the goals, I'll share a finish! Here are my handsome son and gorgeous daughter-in-law on their anniversary with their quilt!  Whew, was that ever a job! Even my 10 year old grandson mentioned that I sure was sewing on that quilt a lot!!

For next year here are the things I need to do FOR SURE!
1.  Finish Comfort and Joy.  I just have the borders to machine applique and then sew it together.  So I will actually have it ready next Christmas.

2.  I am waiting on Carol from Ewe's Quilting so I can finish Curly Top.  I am worried about her because November and December aren't up and she has had so much sickness and heartbreak.  Does anyone know anything about her?

Here are my two babies that I adore and have no quilts from Onnie.  I'm such a loser.  Anyway, I am doing Curly Top for my curly Ruby on the right.  Then I'm going to do Blondie Top for my Georgia.  I am going to design some new blonde hair or Curly and make another one.  Fun ahead!!!

3.  I found a beautiful medallion quilt I started several years ago.  I have all the pieces  made and the challenge will be to get the pieces all figured out and put together.

4.  I need to finish my row quilt from Patchwork Posse that got pushed aside as I figured out I wanted to finish things by Christmas. I have 7 rows done and it won't take too much for me to finish it up.

So those are the finishes.  A post about the ones I want to start will be up pretty sure.  And the list is long.

Hope you are all chugging along on Christmas chores.  I love the season, but it is hard to shop for 15 people, but I am so lucky to have them all!!