Monday, April 15, 2013

Paper Piecing Melt Down!

I am finally feeling a little better about my quilt row. This is the row quilt that I'm doing with Patchwork Posse, and I've really enjoyed the quilt. Last week was hexies, and after a little stress, I managed it. It was the printing on the card stock that had me the most worried. Technology related! And, I ended up ironing the print out on the card stock to get the hexie patterns.

 Anyway, I tried and tried to get the pp row done. And I was just hopeless. So, even though I really, really want to learn to paper piece, it's going to have to wait. I looked and found these two appliqued cardinals. I really love them, and there is some embroidery if I get my act together and decide to do it. It has pine needles embroidered, and I really like it. I think I may even put an appliqued birdhouse in the middle somewhere. A very easy birdhouse!!  Or maybe I'll just do pine branches.  But at least I am on the move again and not just stressing.

I'm trying to stay with the feel of the quilt, but just couldn't do the row below.

I've not had a chance to look at many of the design walls posted on Judy's site. For some reason I had lots of energy today and cleaned a lot instead of looking. But I'm off to do that now! I love to see what you all are doing!

EDIT!  I think I didn't make it clear about the cardinals I ended up doing.  They are appliqued and free on the web courtesy of Wee Folk Art.  I'm sorry if I assumed you could read my mind and would know that is what I did!  My bad!


jan said...

Hi Lois,
I really like your Cardinals. I haven't done paper piecing either, but good luck with it! You must be a natural because it looks great! I found your blog through Design Wall Monday and I am your neighbor since I live in North Georgia! I am also a new blogger and I signed up to follow your blog!! Yay!
Have fun!

ANudge said...

Me, too! They're great. Love your fabric choices.