Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Eva's Quilt

This is a very special quilt that I gave to Eva today. I've been saving it for her until she could take care of it.

We found the blocks all crossstitched when her grandmother died. (Mamaw loved purple!) My mother, with some help from my aunt, put it together and made the quilt. My mother hand quilted it and did a beautiful job. I wish the quilting showed up more.

Blue and Yellow Sampler

Here's a close up of the fabric and how it will look with the border. I'm not a daisy person, but I fell in love with the dark blue and had to deal with it. At that point, I was scared not to get all my fabric at one place. I've moved on.
Top row

Notice this says 2003 BOM from Block Central. I printed it, bought the fabric, and just took it out last week. I love samplers. I don't get bored.
I got quite a bit done yesterday. I wanted to see how the first row of the blue and yellow quilt went together. It's always a miracle to me when seams meet like they should.

I also decided I'd get some extra paper patterns printed off and try to do one block a week (4 of the small squares) and I couldn't find the block!!! I was just sure it was a 12" square so I looked and looked on Quilter's Cache and couldn't find it. Then I remembered that I was looking for something other than a 12 inch and went up to the loft to measure it. 10 inch. So then it wasn't so hard. It's this one. I'm glad I went to link it because I had trouble finding it again this time!! Well, it's here, so I won't lose it now.

Pictures of the blue and yellow quilt that's together will be posted when Grace and Riley let me!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Paper piecing

Goodness! This was a lot of work. I like it, but if I'm going to do PP, I think I want something that looks more complicated! (but then that means it is more complicated.)

Quilting goals 2/27

Achieved last week:
Finished redoing all of the blocks for Holly and Dennis's wedding quilt
Did all blocks except one for the blue and yellow sampler quilt
Sewed blocks together for the Chiclet medallion quilt

Goals for this week:
Finish the blue and yellow quilt top
Put binding on brown/gold mystery quilt
Finish binding repair on I Spy Quilt
Get back to handquilting!!
Find fabric for border on chiclets quilt

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This the Quilt in a Day pattern I'm using to do a wedding quilt for my daughter (who's been married almost 4 years.) When I say I'm tearing out seams, I'm tearing out seams.