Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's still January, isn't it????

I made it under the wire. I don't know if I'll be able to make it by the 24th next month! I'm already worrying about what color to make the snowman. Surely he shouldn't be yellow!!!
PS.  I wish we could have had a prep month.  It would have been great to have made all the filler things, like the geese, 9 patches, and triangles first.  Then we could really concentrate on the applique.  Mine is just ironed down, and truly not finished.  I just have to tell the truth!

January Wrap Up February Get It Done

So it's the last day of the month.  Time to look back on what I hoped to accomplish.

1.  Finish piecing Christmas quilt.  Done!

2.  Work on piecing Valentine blocks.  Done.  In fact the whole top is done.  I really wanted to have it quilted, but I'm still mulling over how to do the backing.

3.  Work on hand quilting son's quilt.  Sigh.  No.  It's out on the dining table, though.  Does that count?

4.   Do Comfort and Joy quilt a long.  I think I will be finished with this block today.  All I need is to pick fabric and prepare the flag, change the front door, and then I'll be ready to iron it on and finish the sew up.  I didn't get to start on time because I ordered late.  I also wish we'd had a month to work on the patchwork parts.  It's taken me a lot of time to find appropriate fabric and get it cut.  And I've had to order (such a chore!!)  some fat quarters, so there was a lot of time I couldn't work on this one.  I love this quilt, though, and I'm glad I'm trying!

How did you do this month?  I'm anxious to find out!

Now for February!!

This month is going to be a little wacky since we have some stuff planned that will take me away from the sewing room.

1.  Keep up with my row quilt.  (See side button.)

2.  Do the snowman block of Comfort and Joy.

3.  Get moving on the hexie quilt, even if that just means organizing rows.

4.  Pull out a quilt that Holly and I worked on last year and figure out what it needs to get finished and finish it if I have time.

That's quite a bit, actually.  And it's even a short month!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I'm Reading

I'm excited about Judy's choice of a Tuesday link. I love to read and have books stacked everywhere around here.  Can't wait to see what everyone else is reading for some good ideas.  I mainly read at night in bed since I'm busy doing other things the rest of the, sewing, and mostly playing on this computer!!!

 I'm reading The Paris Wife by Paula McClain.  It's about Ernest Hemingway's life in Paris told from the point of view of his first wife.  I'm really enjoying it! Anyone else read it?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Design Floor Monday

Well, I feel like I've done very little and have very little on my plate. I think it is because I took the weekend off, as I tend to do. We are lucky enough to be close enough that we see the kids and grandkids quite often on the weekends, and that is what happened this weekend. Here is my 2nd almost finish of 2013. I am still thinking how I want to handle the back to add some interest. I like how it turned out. I'm going to try to get this one done on the machine, but we'll see.
These half square triangles are going to magically turn into Delectable Mountains, if all goes well.  I've decided not to do that sew-along I described below, and instead do a quilt with different rows.  I won't be behind on this one.  I believe new rows come out the 2nd and 4th Monday.  The button is over to the right if you are interested.
I got a nice box from the Fat Quarter Quilt Shop today.  I bought some pretty Christmas fabrics for Comfort and Joy.  The 3rd try at a background for Comfort and Joy flopped, so I'm back to choice 2.  I will have to get going on this tomorrow if I am going to get it done this month.  I also bought a beautiful jelly roll called Sakura.  I have wanted to try one of these quick quilts, and I think my oldest granddaughter, Gracie, will like these colors.

I've about decided not to post on Mondays anymore, as I really feel outclassed.  I'm just an ordinary person who basically taught herself to sew after watching my Mom and aunts quilt.  I'm not fancy in any way, shape, or form!  It stresses me out to see how much people accomplish, too!  Much to think about!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late to the Party!

So I'm late to the party, as usual. I found this wonderful quilt with great big blocks and it was beautiful. It's by Melissa Corry and it's a sew-along. If you are interested, the link is on the right of the blog. I decided to use this Laurel Burch butterfly fabric that was purchased many, many years ago. I figure the pretty colors will really show up. I hope Melissa will hop over here and critique my fabrics, which are in the washing machine even as I type!  The background is a white on white butterfly fabric.

And  I got my hexie quilt from Fabricworm .  It took awhile for the kit to get here.  I ordered it on the 7th, paid the required express shipping and then didn't get it until yesterday.  They forgot me.  Really.  Anyway this is all Robin's  fault.  And that is all I'm saying about that.  I'm going to try to organize all the beautiful hexes into rows before we go on any trips.  Then maybe I can accomplish a little of it while we are gone.
I decided I'd better get to work on those hearts if i were. going to get to use this quilt during February.  It seems like I can only work about an hour and a half before I just get too tired and start making dumb mistakes.  I'm a little discouraged.  I remember sewing all day long making a mystery a time or two.  Just can't do it anymore.

PS I've ordered my 3rd background for Comfort and Joy.  This quilt is costing a fortune!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Floor/Bed Monday

So I've gotten quite a bit done this week. I think I have made all the blocks I'm going to on the hearts. I love the fabrics in these. They are bright and pretty. Since I have about a bazillion 2.5 inch blocks left, the border will have some in it for sure!
These hearts were sent to me when my mom died several years ago.  I think I'm going to use them on the back somehow.  No use letting them just sit and they a nice memory of a horrible time.
I've been working on Comfort and Joy as well.  It is taking forever because it's hard to pick the fabric I want and then cut it to size.  Right now I'm picking out and cutting the 3.5 inch squares for half squares.  That folder to the right is some of my receipts.  I'm going to try to keep track of fabric in/fabric out!
Thinking through the applique part.
And remember that neat picture of my closet?  This is it today! Hmmmmmm.

I'm having fun looking at your projects!  Such inspiration.  And I've already signed up to do a new sew along.  I'm doomed!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter blahs

I have done a lot of sewing, but yesterday was the first day I just sat. I didn't even set foot in the sewing room. But I thought. And thought. I am mentally working on Comfort and Joy!  It's always in my head these days.  I have gone through fabric looking for small pieces and even larger pieces that will work.  This  morning I did the two 9 patch blocks with the green, and then did the flying geese.  I am still choosing fabric for the applique.  I am doing this quilt along with Judy and a big group.  I can't wait to see what fabric everyone is using.

On the applique...I think I have finally decided.  I think I'm going to use fusible web and then do a few more blocks before I start the applique so I don't have to change thread so much.  I will be using a machine that I'm really not used to, so it is pain at this point to change.  I even tried invisible thread, but it just kept breaking.  I will try again, but I am pretty discouraged about it.

I thought I would show you my sewing closet.  It is not this neat now, but this shows the layout.  The table that I cut on sometimes in on the left.  If I'm going to do a lot of cutting, I bring it upstairs and do it on the kitchen island.   The the fabric is sorted by color on the shelves.  The top shelf is quilts ready to go with fabric and patterns.  So many.  I've rearranged a little and the next to top row is now UFOs.  And it's full!  And, of course, today the table is covered with fabric and so is the floor.  I'm not a neat seamstress, especially when I'm thinking and auditioning fabrics.

I'm going to rest my brain and then go down and look at what I have laid out and see what I think.

What's on your mind that won't leave you in peace?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Sorta' Finish of 2013

Well, it's a sorta' finish because it's just the top. I am going to put it up for now and quilt it or have it quilted a little later. I just need it for next Christmas. I just bought a bunch of fabric at Joann's for 60% off and then just really threw it together. I wanted the fabric to show up so I did the Friendship Star and added the variation. I think we will really enjoy it next year.
Now I am trying to concentrate on the pink and red heart quilt for Valentine's Day.  The cutting was a pain, but the sewing is pretty darn easy.  I love the pinks and reds.
Wish you could see my toes.  I am pretty darn conservative, and I told the woman who does my nails to just do whatever she wanted.  I've only done that one other time.  So I have leopard nails.  Last time she did them in two tone blue with rain drops.

I really love the fabrics for this.  I've just gone everywhere I can think of and bought fat quarters and 1/4 cuts of pink and red.  It's been fun.  Below is the way I have it laid out to get it done quickly and easily.
I am also obsessing about the Comfort and Joy quilt.  I am not an applique person as I've said before.  One minute, I'm doing freezer paper.  The next I'm doing heat and bond and hand blanket stitching.  Then I'm doing needle turn cause the lady at the quilt shop said it was pretty and easy.  Right now I'm going to load some invisible thread into my other machine with blanket stitch and see what I think.  Don't want to call too much attention to my stitching this time around.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

So I have spent the last 24 hours obsessing over applique'.  I have only done one applique' pattern before, and it isn't finished.  (Surprised?  I think not!)  In that one I sewed some kind of backing on the piece, turned it inside out, and then hand sewed it down.  I think it looks ok.  Probably should finish it before next Halloween, but don't know what I'd do with it as I'm not really into wall hangings anymore!

Anyway, I have read and thought, and I think I will use the fusible stuff and then use the blanket stitch on my machine.  I had to dig out my Janome 4800 QC , which is fancier than the Pfaff I use all the time for piecing. After a 30 minute search for the manual, I think I'm in business.  What I hate about this is having to change thread all the time.  I dread it.

If anyone reads this, which I doubt, and you're an applique person, what do you do?  Any hints?  Encouragements?

Happy Tuesday.  I'm a little sad as my grandkids have finally gotten back to school today.  They needed to go, but it will be lonely around here!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Design Floor Monday

Well, since I don't have a design wall, I will share my design floor!

 First up is my Christmas quilt. I bought a bunch of fabric 60% off after Christmas and I'm enjoying working on this quilt. I did, however, figure out that I had some 4 square patches sewn the wrong way. It ruined the pattern, and I'm now frog sewing a few to get the right!  I'm going to put a 4.5 inch strip around the squares, and then border with more 4 patches.
I got the only quilt magazine that I take, and this quilt was on the cover.  So I've bought 1/4 yard of a bunch of pinks and reds.  I've cut fabric for 3 days, and I'm just about ready to sit and sew! Yea!  I'd like to get this done ASAP.  (Ha!)
I've already looked at a quite a few of your projects.  I'm so jealous of your Easy Street quilts.  I will never again pass up a Bonnie mystery!!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Any thoughts?

I hope someone is reading this because I need your thoughts.  After spending 3 days cutting pieces with a wobbly rotary cutter that doesn't seem to want to be fixed, I am so over it!  And then I was reading a blog and a lady had a dye cutter and seemed to really like it. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or thoughts on which one is best or if it's worth the money.  They are pretty darn expensive.

I'm thinking it might help me cut my scraps if nothing else, but is it worth the money?  Hope someone is reading and can talk me down about this!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Get it done for January!

OK, 4 things to accomplish this month...

 1. Finish the top for the Christmas quilt.   I've decided to do the "busier" variant and then add a 2.5 inch background, then the 4 patches as the border.  This shouldn't be a problem.  (Edited:  Now I have figured out this is too small.  Must make at least 3 more stars which might slow me down as I don't think I have 3 more fabrics available.  Oh, no! Fabric shopping!)

2. Do part 1 of Comfort and Joy with the group.

3. Work on hand quilting son's wedding quilt

4. Piece heart blocks for new Valentine quilt.

Still Christmas Around Here!

I was reading blogs right before the holidays, and several folks had beautiful quilts they'd bought for almost nothing, and I was whining because I never found deals like that. So I went to Craig's List. And, lo and behold, there was a quilt on sale for $25!!! It was cute! It was Christmas!! It was made for a church bazaar!! And I bought it.

All I had to do to "fix" it was tack down the tree at the bottom.  Somebody fused, but didn't sew.  And then I washed it.  It is not an exceptional quilt, but I think it's cute.  I've since bought a few little buttons to embellish.  I have snowflakes for the tree.
This Santa is my favorite block.

There is a nice variety of blocks and fabric.  I'm happy with my purchase.
But now I'm addicted to going to Craig's list.  I've found another quilt I want, but it's near Nashville, and I think I should probably just sew another instead of buying some.  The Christmas quilt is coming along nicely. I had some design advice from Grace, who is staying with us during the day until school starts.  Pictures in the next day or two!

Hope someone is reading this! Let me know!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Ok, so I realize that it has been 3 years since my last post. THREE YEARS!!!! I can't even believe it. I have been sewing off and on. We've had a lot going on. First, we are in our new house finally. We are thrilled. I have a dedicated sewing space, but find myself bringing the trimming and cutting upstairs with me when I get bored. I will post pictures of my space soon.

 Maybe the few of you reading this will give me some organizational ideas. I have been reading all the quilting blogs, so although you have not heard from me, I have heard from you. I am constantly inspired by the projects you create and I love seeing your progress. It makes my head ache with all the things you do. I will never catch up.

 So I am going to put this first post up, and then fill you in later on what has been going on. I will go comment on the blogs I read, and let you know that I am alive. Maybe we can be friends again! I am on Facebook, too. If you are there, I'd love to be friends!

 Here is a recent, and mucho fun project, I collaborated on fairly recently. Grace and I made this for Georgia's 2nd birthday.  Grace picked all the fabrics, and she drew pictures of Georgia's favorite songs or games.  We have the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, and more.  Both girls were very happy with the result!

On this New Years Day, I can only hope my creative spirit gets on the move, and I can continue finishing some projects.  I resolve to post at least twice a week.  There.  I said it!

Happy New Year!!!