Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm here....but nobody will care!!!! Ha!

So I disappeared off the face of the earth, but I see a couple of people have still be checking in!  Thank you!

My mojo sorta' kinda' got up and left.  I helped my friend do the quilt below, and then she wanted to do another one for her sweet precious boy.  So we did.  Now she wants to do a Christmas throw for her couch since she found some fabric that she liked.  I have created a monster.  So will do that soon

I have been busy and seems like I can't do two things at one time.  I was planning our Europe trip.  We took our oldest grandson to Paris, Germany, and Austria for his graduation present.  We had a wonderful time.  He practiced his German a tiny bit, and now is off to college.  I didn't look at fabric one time but I some beautiful linens.  Like I needed them.
I have started a tshirt quilt for above grandson.  I've worked on it twice.  Two whole afternoons.  I have decided I don't like my beautiful sewing area downstairs.  It's lonesome.  I want to be up here junking up my living area.  I don't know.  And how in the heck am I ever going to get all those different sized blocks all together????

Maybe I'll be back blogging?  Will you be back reading?