Monday, August 19, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This is my first post for Monday in a long while. I have been sewing, but just haven't posted.

 I am so happy that Carole is feeling better and posted some Curly Tops blocks. This is for my granddaughter with her own curly top. Her hair falls in ringlets and I just love it. So this quilt just was begging to be sewn!
August with a surfboard, sun-bleached hair, and a sunburn and July with a flag

I changed the tractor block to a Gator since she loves ours so much!
I get several blocks that need the same color and then I applique that color on as many blocks as I can.  Today I did black and am slowly working on the hair now in brown.  All those wavy lines are slow going.

This is how I store my thread and the bobbin that goes with it so I can change threads easily.  Anyone have another idea that will work easier?  (See the red marker scribble on my machine instruction book?  That so easily could have been on blocks! Whew! A close one!)
And I am still plugging along on Comfort and Joy.  The last block is on the bottom right.  I am going to frog sew and take it apart.  It seems to have some waves in it and there's no wind!!!  The angel is still missing on the left because her hair isn't done.  I stopped because I didn't like how it looked and haven't ever started again.  Maybe soon.
I absolutely love to read on Mondays.  I haven't been commenting much lately, but hope to today.  I'd love to hear from you!  Have a great week.


Annie said...

I love the "Curly Top" series! Thanks for the link.
I store my thread spools in a plastic thread box and the bobbins in a plastic bobbin box. It's not hard to match a bobbin to its thread spool and everything stays organized.

Ramona said...

Your blocks are so cute! The Curly Top blocks look like they are fun to make. And your "Comfort and Joy" is coming along nicely.

Julie said...

Hi Lois,

You asked about the angel hair -- I just used a feather stitch on my machine and did some crazy stitches for hair. After it's quilted I will sew some very tiny seed beads - red - on to perk it up a bit. There are several places on this quilt that I will be adding buttons, beads, etc after it's quilted. I just hope I get it quilted so I can use it this year!! LOL! Happy Stitchin', Julie