Sunday, November 03, 2013

November Goals

I have been thinking about this for several days, so I  might as well go for it.
I gave up and took the secret quilts to the long arm quilter.  I'll get them back about the middle of the month.  Then I'll need to start binding them.
  1. Finish hand quilting a ten year old wedding quilt.  I'm just so pathetic.
  2. I am cross hatch quilting Grace's quilt, and not doing a very good job.  It is my first time.  I think I'll put Grace and Onnie learn to quilt on the label.  Anyway, I want this finished for Christmas, too.
  3. I am starting to pull out UFOs and want to get them done.  It feels good to even have that in my head
  4. I want to continue to keep up with Curly Top from Ewe's Quilting.  I got tired of machine quilting so I got the October block done this morning.  It is so cute!
That is probably enough for November, and, of course, the Christmas secrets will come first.

Hope everyone else has things for Christmas all lined up and will get it done in time.  I, myself, and enjoying looking at Thanksgiving quilts and thinking.  I'm always thinking!!!

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