Saturday, October 03, 2015

Hancocks of Paducah

So we took a little road trip this week, and we went right through Paducah!!! And there it was! Just a block from exit 4. I had to do it! Fairly unassuming exterior, but I was getting excited.
At first, I wasn't that impressed.  I mean, I've been to Mary Jo's many times.  But the more I looked the more I liked!  I found so many beautiful fabrics.

I was ready to go, and, while in search of the bathroom, I stumbled on a whole new room.  Oh my gosh!!!!  It was the room of kits and cuts room.  I had so much fun looking! I had a Christmas tree quilt picked out, but they were out and had no more.
Those shelves in the back were for the internet sales and were all nicely labeled with specials and sales! It was really a wonderful place.

But here is the part that you will find hard to believe:  I didn't buy one thing.  Not one.  I would have gotten the kit, but they were out.  I looked at notions, but nothing called to me.  And the one thing I really, really wanted, thread or my mid-arm, they didn't have.  So I just enjoyed breathing in the dyes and looking around.  Next time we go through there, I'll have myself an agenda! I actually think it's better than Mary Jo's!!

I still am without mojo, but I'm thinking about quilting more.  That's good.  I need some black thread to quilt my Halloween quilt, but I haven't ordered it yet.  Need to continue work on my tshirt quilt.

I am working on an embroidery for my nail lady who has done my nails for 20 years.  She's a Halloween freak, so I'm trying to get it done for that.  I enjoy hand stitching.

Hope all is well for you.  Busy times coming up.  Fall break for my grandkids.  Football games.  Hayride.  Halloween.  Another road trip!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm here....but nobody will care!!!! Ha!

So I disappeared off the face of the earth, but I see a couple of people have still be checking in!  Thank you!

My mojo sorta' kinda' got up and left.  I helped my friend do the quilt below, and then she wanted to do another one for her sweet precious boy.  So we did.  Now she wants to do a Christmas throw for her couch since she found some fabric that she liked.  I have created a monster.  So will do that soon

I have been busy and seems like I can't do two things at one time.  I was planning our Europe trip.  We took our oldest grandson to Paris, Germany, and Austria for his graduation present.  We had a wonderful time.  He practiced his German a tiny bit, and now is off to college.  I didn't look at fabric one time but I some beautiful linens.  Like I needed them.
I have started a tshirt quilt for above grandson.  I've worked on it twice.  Two whole afternoons.  I have decided I don't like my beautiful sewing area downstairs.  It's lonesome.  I want to be up here junking up my living area.  I don't know.  And how in the heck am I ever going to get all those different sized blocks all together????

Maybe I'll be back blogging?  Will you be back reading?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sewing Buddy!

I have really had fun this weekend!!! I had a sewing buddy who is not a dog!!! It was so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and visit with. My friend for years, Joy, is making a quilt for her first grandbaby due in March. It's a little boy, and she is happy beyond words.

 I tried to help her with an easy pattern, so we went with this one. After a few hours of sewing circles on, I realized she'd have been better off with a straight stitch pattern like a Jelly Roll Race or charm squares. I've apologized profusely, but she is happy with her quilt, as she should be. She has taken it off to the long arm quilter today and hopes it will be ready for a shower in February.
This is the quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company that I'm making for her daughter.  It's all Dr. Seuss fabric.  I'm going to make a small border of the black and then a little wider with the white.  The back is like the white with red stripes.
Here is Joy's complete circle top.  Her daughter's colors are gray and navy.  I think this will fit right in.  Also, she has some deliciously soft gray Minky for the back.  I've never used Minky on a back, so I wasn't much good on advice there.
So I am going to have to quilt the Topsy Turvy quilt myself.  I refuse to pay a long arm quilter when I have that Tiara just sitting there.  So I must practice.  Nothing else to do on days like today....cold and rainy and yukky!!!

Friday, January 02, 2015

So I was getting ready to write up all I accomplished last year, when it hit. I had finished nothing. Not one project. And there are so many things that need to be wrapped up. On top of that, there is more to do.

This is a bear paw that my aunt started years ago.  I said I'd finish it, but there it sits.
And I have a good friend whose first grandson will be here in march.  I started the topsy turvy blocks from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  So there's that.  It's all in Dr. Seuss fabrics.

This is my quilting closet.  Everything on the top two rows is a UFO or PIGS.  A lot are all organized with the pattern and fabric.
But here is the saddest group of all.  This Valentine heart quilt I did last February and it is totally ready to go.  The back is even ready.  I would have it done, but I bought that Tiara II and I can't take it to be quilted since I should do it myself.  And I am sooooo bad.  This is a sad situation.
This one is from Diane Hundley and has been finished for years.  It's ready to go, too.  I just didn't know how I wanted it quilted.  I still don't.
So I am going to contemplate a while before I make my list of things to do for 2015.  Have so many possibilities.

Thought I would show you part of our collection of Matrousakas and painted figures we got in Russia when we were there a lot several years ago.  My husband was working there, and I made several trips.  I bring them out in January when Christmas comes down.  I hope you enjoy looking at them  I love the slender figures the most.  They are beautifully painted and costs about $8 a piece at the time.

Have a wonderful quilty 2015!!  Happy New Year!!