Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comfort and Joy for June

I don't think too many of us that started this quilt together are up to date, but I am.  I enjoy doing it!

I had never laid the whole quilt out before, so when I finished June, I had a look! I really love it.   The first picture is a close up of the block I did for this month, and the 2nd is a view of the whole quilt.  Everything is appliqued, but still have to finish the black angel hair on the bottom left.  I have really enjoyed it, and I'm doing two more applique quilts in the near future.  Will finish this one first!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I have been sewing, but just not much. It's the pain thing. It is sporadic and I never know when I'm going to have it, so it basically turns my life sporadic! I do things when I feel like it. We may actually have a diagnosis soon. Hooray!

 This is what I'm working on when I get the chance. It has a lot of parts. I have everything done but the HST. Today I am going to try to finish them and then sew some of the applique. This is just the cutest quilt. I just love it. If I had it to do over again (and I just might) I'd make all the pieced parts before I started the quilt.  I could make sure it was scrappy and it would go much faster.  This is the June block, so I'm not behind, but I wish I was moving more quickly.  I'll post a picture of mine when I finish.
I have 4 quilts going.  This is where I stand on them:

1.  See above
2.  The row quilt...I like the design, but my colors aren't my favorite.  And the designers really got into paper piecing, which did me in.  I am on my 2nd row of trees from that one, and I'm skipping the gifts row.  It's pretty and everything, but I'm wanting a winter, not Christmas quilt.
3. The Bunny Hill rabbit quilt is another one.  I've finished all the embroidery, but haven't put it all together.
4.  Curly Top is on hold indefinitely, and it's not even my fault.  The designer has cancer and isn't posting anything.  I have the 3 posted blocks done.

I'm also doing some hand quilting which is fun, but tiring.

Hopefully I will get back to normal soon, and so will the quilting!