Thursday, October 03, 2013


Well, I know it's been a long time since I posted.  I was sewing like crazy....hours every day! I was getting so much done!! And then we went to see my grandbabies, and since I've been back I'm a lump.  The inspiration left.  And I just have to get going.  I sit here thinking about what I need to be doing, yet I don't do it!  I'm mad at myself.  I'm even thinking about moving my machine into this living area so I will sew a little bit just on a whim.  I hate to bring the mess, though.

I have a decision to make.  I have some quilts all ready for quilting.  Now what to do.  I am not good enough at free motion to do them, but I don't like my long-arm person.  So they sit there, all folded, with me deciding.

Things I need to be working on:

  • 2 projects to be quilted
  • 1 backing to be pieced
  • Gracie's quilt to be quilted
  • 1 quilt top assembled, blocks made
  • 1 smaller quilt hand quilted

And that just takes me to Christmas and not even finishing my Comfort and Joy.  Maybe it's the decisions that have me hung up.   Hope you all are accomplishing more than I am.  I enjoy your blogs and projects.

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