Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter blahs

I have done a lot of sewing, but yesterday was the first day I just sat. I didn't even set foot in the sewing room. But I thought. And thought. I am mentally working on Comfort and Joy!  It's always in my head these days.  I have gone through fabric looking for small pieces and even larger pieces that will work.  This  morning I did the two 9 patch blocks with the green, and then did the flying geese.  I am still choosing fabric for the applique.  I am doing this quilt along with Judy and a big group.  I can't wait to see what fabric everyone is using.

On the applique...I think I have finally decided.  I think I'm going to use fusible web and then do a few more blocks before I start the applique so I don't have to change thread so much.  I will be using a machine that I'm really not used to, so it is pain at this point to change.  I even tried invisible thread, but it just kept breaking.  I will try again, but I am pretty discouraged about it.

I thought I would show you my sewing closet.  It is not this neat now, but this shows the layout.  The table that I cut on sometimes in on the left.  If I'm going to do a lot of cutting, I bring it upstairs and do it on the kitchen island.   The the fabric is sorted by color on the shelves.  The top shelf is quilts ready to go with fabric and patterns.  So many.  I've rearranged a little and the next to top row is now UFOs.  And it's full!  And, of course, today the table is covered with fabric and so is the floor.  I'm not a neat seamstress, especially when I'm thinking and auditioning fabrics.

I'm going to rest my brain and then go down and look at what I have laid out and see what I think.

What's on your mind that won't leave you in peace?


Judy Dietrich said...

Hi Lois--sorry about not being able to leave me messages--not sure what is up with my mail--someone else told me that too!! The invisible thread did not work for you??? Do you have it feeding horizontal or vertical off your thread spool?? Some people have used a stand to get it to feed more consistently. You may also just not like the thread--which is what we find when we experiment--but better to know that you tried something new & can make a decision with that in mind!! I took a look at the pattern again--what a fun quilt. It looks like a lot of fun--with many great reds & greens to be used. Just think--by next Christmas--you will have this done!!! The applique pieces look like they are pretty good size with nice curves--you should do great!!! Also--the people doing the quilt with Judy will give some hints and ideas about the different blocks as they go--so you will have lots of new ideas for finishing the blocks. This quilt looks like it could easily have some embroidery or other fun buttons/embellishments added. I have been known to place a button at a junction where all the pieces did not line up properly!!! As long as it looks nice from a galloping horse............and remember this is fun fun fun stuff to do!!!

Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

Hey, Judy! You're right about the embellishments. I had already thought about that, but not to cover problem areas! what a great idea! And love your galloping horse line! I will remember that. My favorite is better finished than perfect And I stand by it!! I'm going to work on the half square triangle today and audition more fabrics! Have a great weekend!

Judy in Michigan said...

Try putting the invisible thread in a coffee cup off to the side and/or below your machine. Loosen the top tension a bit and sew more slowly than usual. I've heard that the new inv. thread by Aurifil is great. Hope this helps.

Judy in Michigan said...
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