Sunday, January 06, 2013

Any thoughts?

I hope someone is reading this because I need your thoughts.  After spending 3 days cutting pieces with a wobbly rotary cutter that doesn't seem to want to be fixed, I am so over it!  And then I was reading a blog and a lady had a dye cutter and seemed to really like it. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or thoughts on which one is best or if it's worth the money.  They are pretty darn expensive.

I'm thinking it might help me cut my scraps if nothing else, but is it worth the money?  Hope someone is reading and can talk me down about this!

Happy Sunday!


Cassie said...

I can't talk you down from it! I own the AccuQuilt studio cutter. My mom and Aunt have the Go! Cutter. I just used the Go! For the first time last night. It's nice, but is not nearly as stable as the studio system, and frankly, takes more strength to use.

Cassie said...

The previous post published before I was ready...sorry! My girlfriend (who also owns the studio system) and I make predominantly scrap quilts. If there's a way for you to purchase either of the systems I would highly recommend you do so. You can do all kinds of things with just the strip cutters: squares, HST's, diamonds. You just place the cut strip against the correct angle you've marked on your strip die. Good luck!