Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late to the Party!

So I'm late to the party, as usual. I found this wonderful quilt with great big blocks and it was beautiful. It's by Melissa Corry and it's a sew-along. If you are interested, the link is on the right of the blog. I decided to use this Laurel Burch butterfly fabric that was purchased many, many years ago. I figure the pretty colors will really show up. I hope Melissa will hop over here and critique my fabrics, which are in the washing machine even as I type!  The background is a white on white butterfly fabric.

And  I got my hexie quilt from Fabricworm .  It took awhile for the kit to get here.  I ordered it on the 7th, paid the required express shipping and then didn't get it until yesterday.  They forgot me.  Really.  Anyway this is all Robin's  fault.  And that is all I'm saying about that.  I'm going to try to organize all the beautiful hexes into rows before we go on any trips.  Then maybe I can accomplish a little of it while we are gone.
I decided I'd better get to work on those hearts if i were. going to get to use this quilt during February.  It seems like I can only work about an hour and a half before I just get too tired and start making dumb mistakes.  I'm a little discouraged.  I remember sewing all day long making a mystery a time or two.  Just can't do it anymore.

PS I've ordered my 3rd background for Comfort and Joy.  This quilt is costing a fortune!!!!

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