Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Sorta' Finish of 2013

Well, it's a sorta' finish because it's just the top. I am going to put it up for now and quilt it or have it quilted a little later. I just need it for next Christmas. I just bought a bunch of fabric at Joann's for 60% off and then just really threw it together. I wanted the fabric to show up so I did the Friendship Star and added the variation. I think we will really enjoy it next year.
Now I am trying to concentrate on the pink and red heart quilt for Valentine's Day.  The cutting was a pain, but the sewing is pretty darn easy.  I love the pinks and reds.
Wish you could see my toes.  I am pretty darn conservative, and I told the woman who does my nails to just do whatever she wanted.  I've only done that one other time.  So I have leopard nails.  Last time she did them in two tone blue with rain drops.

I really love the fabrics for this.  I've just gone everywhere I can think of and bought fat quarters and 1/4 cuts of pink and red.  It's been fun.  Below is the way I have it laid out to get it done quickly and easily.
I am also obsessing about the Comfort and Joy quilt.  I am not an applique person as I've said before.  One minute, I'm doing freezer paper.  The next I'm doing heat and bond and hand blanket stitching.  Then I'm doing needle turn cause the lady at the quilt shop said it was pretty and easy.  Right now I'm going to load some invisible thread into my other machine with blanket stitch and see what I think.  Don't want to call too much attention to my stitching this time around.


Jill said...

Love this heart quilt! Isn't it fun to collect fabrics for a specific quilt and then actually use them?

Angie said...

Ooooh I LOVE the Star quilt---AND the hearts. :D I'm so glad you came for a visit so I could find your blog. :)