Tuesday, January 08, 2013

So I have spent the last 24 hours obsessing over applique'.  I have only done one applique' pattern before, and it isn't finished.  (Surprised?  I think not!)  In that one I sewed some kind of backing on the piece, turned it inside out, and then hand sewed it down.  I think it looks ok.  Probably should finish it before next Halloween, but don't know what I'd do with it as I'm not really into wall hangings anymore!

Anyway, I have read and thought, and I think I will use the fusible stuff and then use the blanket stitch on my machine.  I had to dig out my Janome 4800 QC , which is fancier than the Pfaff I use all the time for piecing. After a 30 minute search for the manual, I think I'm in business.  What I hate about this is having to change thread all the time.  I dread it.

If anyone reads this, which I doubt, and you're an applique person, what do you do?  Any hints?  Encouragements?

Happy Tuesday.  I'm a little sad as my grandkids have finally gotten back to school today.  They needed to go, but it will be lonely around here!


Judy Dietrich said...

Applique seems to scare people silly. It simply means "to patch" in french. Fusible is a great way to start with applique because if makes the fabric really stay in one place and will allow you more accuracy on your stitches. If you don't like to switch the thread colors--you may think about invisible thread. Since you are machine quilting--it really is faster since you don't have to change your thread colors. There are many good brands of it available--I would use a higher end brand--for better results for the first time. Many people are scared of using the invisible thread--but I have known quilters that have used it for years and the quilts are still as nice as when they were made. I think we sometimes go out of our way to make projects tougher than they need to be. I would start out making a block with large shapes that have gradual curves and nice easy corners--this way you can experiment with the different fusible foundations and invisible threads and not ruin a large quilt!!! One of my teachers had me write right on the block with a pen--the name of the thread--the batting==the size of the stitch used on the machine--then you have a perfect tool for the next time you begin. Good Luck !!

sophie said...

I love the friendship stars with the 4-patches in the corner. It makes them so much more interesting. It will be a great quilt for you next winter.