Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ooooooo, the excitement!

Quiltaholics Mystery Quilt starts today at 10:00. I'm ready!

On another note: remember the Quilt of Which We Do Not Speak? I don't think I told you, but the long-arm quilters loved it. Thought it was beautiful. I think it's in their job description to oooze over quilts, but I digress. I really think they liked this one 'cause Norma says, "Let me play with it. I'll make you like it." So, of course, I say, "And how much will this cost?" and she tells me just the basic like an all over pattern.

The quilt. Is. Beautiful. Patterns in all blanks spaces. All blocks different, some outlined. Beautiful. And I do love the backing fabric. Makes me wish I'd done a better job on the front.

Maybe I should name it Quilting Confessions???

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floribunda said...

so when do we get to see a picture of thie new masterpiece??