Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's home, it's home!

The laptop is home! However, I haven't had time to take any pictures! I will; I promise. It's just that I have a houseful of company this weekend. We are all in napping mode this morning as our little one kept us up late last night.

Anyway....I have been sewing quite a bit. I am really loving the plain, ole vanilla 5inch charm quilt I've been doing. For once, I have no issues with matching seams. OK, it's hard to have issues with plain square matching. I admit it! But it's really nice to just showcase the fabrics. I am afraid I won't have it quilted and back in time to have out during the Halloween season. We have a big hayride with friends and family coming from all around, and I'd like to have it done then. I should have it finished the next time I can get into the loft to sew, but the quilting might take a while.

I talked to my longarm quilter again about my problems last time with the backing not covering the front. I hope that solves the problem as I took 2 more quilts into her last week. One was the- quilt-we-will-not-speak-of.

I am going on no buying binge. I just gotta' stop buying more fabric when I have tons. I have whole projects in bags with patterns, ready to go, and I buy more fabric and start new quilts.

Finish Fall charm quilt and get to quilter
Finish hand stitching binding on blue/yellow quilt
Work on medallion quilt. It's been so long it may take a while to even find my place!
Get out the hand quilting and get started. It's cool enough now to sit covered with a quilt.

Hope all is well with all of you! Check in when you can.

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