Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I have been busy finishing up 3 different quilts that were ready for the binding. All three quilts have had problems, and I'm discouraged. All problems were with my long-arm quilter.

Quilt #1
I used their backing because I'd made the quilt a little bigger than I first intended. They pieced it, and there is a line of selvedge that goes down one side. It's not even, and since it was in the side, I covered most of it with the binding and the border is just a tad uneven on one side. This didn't bother me all that much.

Quilt #2
This is the one that is scrap sampler. Every block was quilted differently, and I really liked that idea. However, in doing that, somehow the quilt was bunched in places, especially on one side. I didn't really think it was a problem until I tried to sew the binding on. It was really rough, and one side of the border is pulled or pinched looking. I'm really disappointed in this one. I pinned the binding and tried 3 different times to make it flatter until I just gave up. It's only on one side, and I've never had this problem in any of my quilts.

Quilt #3
I am still hand stitching the binding on this one. When I was sewing on the binding, the back didn't reach the edge of the quilt on part of one side. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Fortunately, I could move the binding in a little and got the binding on without it being too noticeable. Another problem was that that quilt pattern on the front was messed up in one place. It was a simple pattern, the shell, and it shows. One row was quilted and then there is another row right under it. Of course, in the scheme of things it won't be noticed.

Am I expecting too much? Am I too picky? I realize that nobody cares except me. And better finished than perfect.

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floribunda said...

were all three quilted by the same person? if so, it's definitely time to find a new long-armer! the part about having the backing not cover all the way to the edge shouldn't happen unless your backing was too small -- it's always good to provide several inches extra all the way around. If you did that, then shame on the quilter! And the error in quilting is not really excusable, either...
but you're right -- probably no one but you will ever notice these things!