Monday, April 23, 2007

Chicken or the egg...

Am I down in the dumps because I don't feel like sewing, or am I not sewing because I'm depressed? Either way, I'm not feeling so hot these days. I am hoping to get the energy to go sew on some flannel and make some burp rags that I read about on someone's blog. (Angie? Pieces from My Scrapbag?) Sorry I don't remember who for sure.

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Nancy said...

That's a good question. I know I get depressed if I don't sew for awhile. But then I don't sew when I'm depressed so which comes first? Either way I hope you get feeling better.

Oh and the burp rags were on Finn's blog (Pieces from my Scrapbag). I've thought about making some to have on hand for quick shower gifts since my nieces and nephews are getting to the age they're having babies of their own now.