Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Goals

I guess I don't set goals very well!!!!  For February goals were as follows:

1.  Keep up with my row quilt.  (See side button.) Done.  I even did the redwork which was a lot of fun.  I hadn't done embroidery of any kind in years.

2.  Do the snowman block of Comfort and Joy.  Done.  So much fun picking out fabrics and making the picture.

3.  Get moving on the hexie quilt, even if that just means organizing rows.  Done, but all I did was organize some rows and organize a container with everything in it.

4.  Pull out a quilt that Holly and I worked on last year and figure out what it needs to get finished and finish it if I have time.  Well, I did figure out that it only needs borders, but still didn't get them on.  

Goals for March:

1.  Keep up with row quilt

2.  Do the angel block for Comfort and Joy

3.  I dunno' what else I feel like doing.  I like not having pressure!  But goals are to push, so maybe I am not meant for this in quilting!!!  Maybe I'll work ahead in Comfort and Joy.  Right now I'm thinking about the stars in the angel block.  I'm out of my comfort zone!!!


Dee Dee said...

Organization is always the hardest part for me, usually my things just sit in heaps until needed. You did great on your February goals. Enjoy working on March's goals.

Linda said...

Congrats. You accomplished all your goals. Better than I was able to do.