Thursday, February 21, 2013

Comfort and Joy, Part 2

I finished up this afternoon, and decided to go ahead and post it. I am doing the applique in fits and starts, as I wait until I have several things the same color. I am having a lot of fun working on this! It's like putting together a puzzle! I hope more folks are catching up this month. I love seeing everyone's fabric choices

I'm trying to catch up on my Row quilt. Since we were out of town and the printer wouldn't work, I'm really behind. I got my daughter to print the redwork, and I'll see what I think!


Judy Dietrich said...

Oh Lois, I love the snowman!!! I think he is darling. I am glad you are having fun with project--good news to have another "applique" lover in the quilting world!!! I won't tell anyone that you used to call it the "
A" word. We are getting quite an amount of snow in my area today--and we may catch another storm after the weekend. Looks like I will catch up on some sewing. I have had the world's worst cold & am just getting back to the land of the living. I could not sleep for 3 nights in a row. Hope I sleep tonight!! Have a great weekend. Judy

Diana in RR,TX said...

great block. Are you doing needle turn applique? I haven't started mine yet, but think I would rather do needle turn.