Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First of all, thanks

Thanks to you who wrote to me about 'that quilt which shall not be named'. I appreciate the support. I am just glad it is finished, and I'm gonna' get that sucker quilted and use it.

I've really been working on this medallion quilt from Downhome Quilters. I love it the name, Follow Your Heart. You can see where it's going from here to finish the middle, but then there is more to go. Go here to see the pattern. You know how you fall in love with a fabric? Well, those friendship stars that are gold was the fabric I loved. And it's the one I'm least happy with in this quilt. Not enough contrast, but I still think the quilt is going to be beautiful when it's finished.

So my daughter from NC was here this weekend, and we had a wonderful visit. She has a friend who is expecting her 2nd baby (in about 18 months!), a son. Well, I said to Holly, "Well, I won't have to make a quilt this time, I don't think. I gave her one last time." So Holly tells me how A. has this quilt on the wall of her daughter's room and how she just loves it. So, you guessed it. I'm making a quilt. If she appreciates, I'll make it.

This is the pattern I chose. It's easy and fast. I found it on the McCalls site. I may change it up a little...I'm thinking about not doing the narrow verticle sashing between the rows of boats, but I'll decide later.

I was starting to despair in the fabric store when I found this great light blue with a design that looks like waves. And I had to have the fish. So here are the ones that are finished. I have all the sail HST made and am trimming them down this evening. I would like to get it done pretty quickly. I have less than 3 months!
I'm using only stash for the sails. I wanted a variety, but I know already that the solid look (tone on tone) really look best. But I'm going to use up some of my left over I Spy squares. I am dedicated to using what I have as much as possible.

So that's it for me. I would have posted much sooner, but Blogger has been really tempermental. Thanks again to those of you who emailed me. I love hearing from folks. I hope you all are sewing up a storm and staying out of this heat!

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