Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Burning question....

Do other people make a mess of a project now and then or am I the only one? Nobody ever talks about it!!

This morning has really made me live by my motto of "Better finished than perfect." What a mess this quilt is. I can't even list all the things that are wrong with it. I even thought about just stopping and putting it away, but I figured they'd find it after I died and I would just be mortified if they took it to someone to finish!

I kept thinking about my mom's quilts. Now that I piece, I see she made lots of mistakes. But we never noticed them! And we cherish them all, no matter what.

So, a mess or not, it will soon be finished. I need to put on one more row of tri-recs, and then finish it up with another gold border. And boy will I be glad when it's done!!! And I'll take it back to the same ole' longarm quilter cause I'd be ashamed to show it to anyone else!!

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computerpeach said...

Something I have learned is that if I don't point out my mistakes, they are generally not noticed. My husband is quick to do that though ::roll eyes::

most of my "messes" end up UFOs"