Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Here is the blue/yellow quilt top that I've been working on. I need to take a close up to show the fabric. I love the dark blue. The yellow is daisies, and I don't really like daisies, but it looked good with the other fabrics. I'll post of picture in a day or so.

I have begun another quilt, and I'll post that, too. It's a medallion style quilt. I love the fabrics individually, but don' tknow if I like them together. But they're going to go together anyway!

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Mary said...

Lois, I like the blue and yellow sampler - I haven't done a sampler before but really like some I've seen - your version looks great.

I like my blue string quilt you commented on but I love string quilts and I like the multicolored ones I've done better. It just may be that I'm tired of blue since this is the 4th quilt I've pieced in a row from a bunch of blue strips and strings!! I've already gotten several comments from people saying they really like the blue strings.