Thursday, September 25, 2014


I have been busy. I mean, really busy. We tried out our 5th wheel RV, and I don't know if we're meant to do that. It is not fancy, and I really did feel like I was camping. I think I would rather have the feel of home, but I didn't have that except for the dog. We camped on the quiet side of the Smokey Mountains and really enjoyed that part of it. We did not, however, see a bear. Maybe next time.

 Now to quilting! I have finished the top, I think, of Hocuspocusville. I worked and worked to try to avoid wavy borders. We'll see if I succeeded. I'll let you know!!!
My quilt holder upper is out of commission.  He had some surgery last week and is taking it easy.  So the floor it is.
Here it is with the borders.
I was going to put stitching between the houses as the pattern shows, but I tried one and I'm not happy.  The stitches were uneven from me pulling it trying to get it where I wanted it.  I think there is too much room for error for me, so I think I'll just take this out and leave well enough alone.  
 I finally got the panels for my girls' Frozen quilts for Christmas.  They are perhaps the ugliest panels ever.  I forgot to take a picture so if you are interested see it here!  I guess I tried to block it out.  They are just huge on that panel.  I mean, giant Frozen people.  Here are the fabrics I got for extra design and pieced back.  I love the Olaf.  Hope my girls like it.  If you have any ideas on how to make it extra pretty, let me know.  I have been thinking about adding some snowflakes on the borders.

I have also finished all the rows I'm going to do for my winter row quilt.  There are two snowflakes on here I might be able to use on Frozen.
The top row is the last one I did.  I think I've decided to put a small white border, a row of the blue squares the length and width, and another white border.
And if you are wondering about my partner in crime, here she is.  She has gone back to school and flat disappeared from my life.  I miss her like crazy.  Here she is getting ready to run cross country. She's doing really well and improving her time and place every week, which is what it's all about.  Her creeper pillow lies in pieces downstairs, waiting for fall break!!!
And I have something else to tell you, but I will wait for next time.  Sorry for not posting in so long.  I've been short on quilt mojo and long on chores and business!!!!  I wonder if anyone reads anyway! Oh well.  Off to check on the hubby.


Charlene S said...

I do!

Linda said...

Yes, I read your post ! I think the panels will look nice once you have surrounded them with the other fabrics you bought.