Friday, August 01, 2014


After reading Judy's post about making herself spend time in the studio, I was reminded that this has worked on me in the past.  So I've been making myself go to the sewing room.  Yesterday I made two blocks for the Fat Quarter BOM since I was behind so many.  Then I got a new one today!  So I have 4 done, 4 to go to be caught up.

Today I worked on cutting down my embroidery blocks for the Halloween quilt.  I also am trying to remember how to thread my machine for my applique.  Funny how you forget things like that.  Even the manual doesn't seem to help my tension problems at this point.  I thread; the bobbin is too tight.  I rethread: the top thread is too tight.  Repeat.  I will try again tomorrow.

I also went to a few shops for their row quilt patterns.  I went to Hyder Hangout where they are giving away two rows.  One is jars.  The other is birds.  When we were in Knoxville I went to two shops.  Gina's Bernina  had row of landscape and birds.  But my favorite was Mid-South!  Their row has flip flops and idea of summer.  (I hate shoes!)  I had some picked out in NC while we were visiting there, but it seemed like we were so busy there was no time.

We have had a full summer with grandkids in and out.  I hate to see them start school NEXT WEEK!  Good grief.  It's good to be retired.  I don't miss the total exhaustion of the first few days of school.  I do miss my friends, though, and meeting a new group of kids.  I always loved to see their faces on the first day of school.

I had some medicine reactions to my aromasin estrogen blocker, so I've moved on to Tamoxifen.  We'll see how that works out.

So, maybe more soon.  Hope things are well with the few of you that mosey by here!!

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