Monday, October 13, 2014


I have been so excited!! I actually bought this at the AQS show in Chattanooga about a month ago! Then came some surgery and lots of time not being able to go get it. Finally!!!! I got it Friday and have been slowly getting everything set up and ready. It has been harder without my chief helper around to do the heavy work, but I managed to find help.

 I think I got a good deal. I got the Babylock Tiara II, mat for the top, the table, the bobbin winder, the stitch regulator, and the 3 year gold warranty program for roughly $1000 more than a used machine without regulator, tables, etc. I feel pretty good about it. There were several I'd rather have if I were filthy rich, but this fits my budget for now.

I am a pretty bad FMQuilte on my DM, so here's hoping I can get this right!!

 This is the back of my of my Halloween quilt, HocusPocusville.  Since the name is quilting confessions, I'll admit the awful truth.  I didn't have enough of the backing fabric I wanted so I just ordered 2 more yards.  Well guess what?  Still not enough.  So I took some left over fabric from the front and made a basic design.  I tell myself it has more interest this way.  (Yes, I do realize I'm full of it!!)  Wish I'd had enough.
In other news, my 6 month mammogram was today, and it's "iffy" .  I am hoping we can watch it for a while. Dr. tomorrow.   And my wonderful husband of 30 years today is almost 4 weeks out of his surgery and on the mend.


Laura said...

Sending good thoughts about your mammogram! Sometimes waiting for news is the worst part. (I'm an 8 year BC survivor.)

barbara woods said...

sending prayers