Sunday, June 15, 2014


Lost! My quilting mojo!!! If found, please return!!!  I miss it so much.

If anyone still reads here, how do you get revved up once it's gone?  For a while I was making myself go to the sewing room for at least 10 minutes a day, but even that seemed too much.  I would just putter and not work.

The cancer thing is all worked out and I'm happy with all decisions made, but it stole my urge to quilt.  Wonder if they took that out, too!!!!

This is all that was finished.....Grace's peace pillow.  And finished because she insisted!!


Charlene S said...

I sit and just look at my fabrics. Then I take them and just touch them while looking(actually thumbing ) thru magazines. Eventually it works. I make going into my studio a very relaxing peaceful time. That gets the mojo started.

Laura said...

I think it is normal to lose your mojo for a while after cancer treatment. I had breast cancer in 2006. Before my cancer, I was a die-hard cross stitcher and reader. Both of those passions fell by the wayside. In 2007, I took up quilting. I've just started cross stitching again after a long break. Maybe you need a quilting break. Why don't you try another activity that you've never done? You will come back to quilting when you are ready.