Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm back!

It wasn't my fault..really. That thing that we use to connect to the internet has been very squirrelly of late. Sometimes I could get online, sometimes I couldn't. But it seems to be healing itself because the company sure didn't help much! I guess my grateful for today should be that I'm married to a computer guy!!

This is what I've been doing lately....screwing up.  I was totally finished with this block and then I pressed it one last time....and BAM!!!  Glue on the iron.  So I did it over and was thankful that I had enjoyed it the first time!
The bad news was I didn't have anymore snowflake fabric left so I went with swirly stars that I hope will remind people of snowflakes.  And there is my quilt with 4 rows done.  I'm really enjoying the surprise I get when I see the row.  Next row is on Monday.

So my grateful post starts here..... I have a charmed life, I swear. I'm the luckiest woman ever! I have a wonderful husband who loves me even though the years have not been kind (especially in the weight department!). I have 4 children who seem to like us still and enjoy spending time with us. Our sons and daughters-in-law are wonderful people and great parents and we have 7 beautiful and gifted grandchildren! Ha! We have our beautiful new dream house. We are basically healthy and have enough money to get along just fine and travel every now and then. I can sleep late and drink coffee while I watch Morning Joe and stay in my gown as long as I want. I can sew and read and do other things I enjoy so much! I'm almost afraid to post this for fear it will jinx me!

 I am so grateful.


Stella Nemeth said...

Yup! Isn't retirement fun? It is one of the things I'm grateful for too.

Angie said...

I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit and left me a comment. :) Love your row-along and that fabric does make me think of snowflakes. Sometimes it can be so cold and snowing that the snow looks like it's blue. But isn't that just so aggravating, to have it finished and mess it up while pressing it? That sounds like something that I would do. I love lazy mornings, oh yes I do. :)

Ava Louise said...

I'm sure your grateful attitude makes a great life that much greater. Your quilt is really nice. Can't wait to see the finish of it.