Monday, March 11, 2013

Empty Design Wall!!

Well, not really, but still.... We had a house full of grandkids and family all weekend so nothing got done except in my mind. Last week I spent a lot of time planning the Curly Top quilt and shopping for fabric and buttons. I'm waiting on a shipment from the Fat Quarter Shop that is supposed to be here tomorrow, and I'll start that! Yea!

So most of last week I did a lot of machine applique, trying to get the hang of it.  I'm getting better, but it sure makes me tired quickly!  And how in the heck am I supposed to do those skinny arms!  I've been working on all 3 big blocks I have done, and have started working on April's C&J!

Then today was row quilt day. I love the new row, but boy those snowflakes about drove me nuts. When I was complaining about messing them up while cutting out my snowflakes, my husband (sweetest guy ever) says that the beauty of the quilt is that it's not machine made, but each should be different. Isn't that nice of him?? It's probably a self-preservation tool, but I still appreciate it.
I'm auditioning fabrics to surround the snowflake to tie it in to the rest of the quilt.  don't know if I'll leave the green, but it was in the preceding row.

Now here is the guy who caused the problem.  I was adding a piece and appliqueing away when I needed black thread.  Now I know I've got black thread.  I used it to sew a quilt for my son and I know there's some left.  Looked everywhere!!!  So I got to his hat and had to stop.
This sent me on a search for the black thread, though.  Everything I found made me wish I read closer to the Cyberquilter conversation about storing thread!  Anyway, I found the tin below.  It was my momma's!
And this bag, too! All filled with thread and a lot on wooden spools, so you know how old they are.
I decided I'd give a spool a try since I was desperate.  It felt very sturdy, but I knew I had a problem when the bobbin was done in barely a heartbeat!  This thread is so thick I couldn't thread the needle.  But I loved finding all the old thread and having nice memories of my mom.
So tomorrow I will try to find my way to a store with thread!  So frustrating!
I've already been looking at everyone's work.  Such beautiful quilts are up this week!

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Rhonda said...

Hi Lois. You are doing great. Wow, those snowflakes are great. You did a wonderful job.
What a great find with the threads from your family. Looking at those spools brought back some memories from my past, as well.
Take care.