Friday, March 09, 2007

I was a baaaaad quilter!

Wait! I'm not on a no buy program. I'm free to spend money...and I did! *G*

Mary Jo's is just amazing. I really have to focus or I could just wander around for hours.
I bought a cool backing for the sailboat quilt. I got a new brown that isn't a directional print for boats.

And then I bought some pretty Thimbleberry fabric I just liked. It's stash. But surely I got enough for a quilt!

4 yards background, 4 yards dark (I really liked this one), 2 yards of med dark, 2 yards med, and 1 yard of another sorta' light medium. I was thinking maybe I could just find some blocks and do a sampler. Surely I can get a pretty quilt out of it. Or I might do the Quiltaholics mystery quilt next weekend. That's a thought.........

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JudyL said...

I have never been there but would love to go!