Monday, October 02, 2006

So here is the Quiltaholics mystery I worked on this weekend. I have added 1 of 3 borders. It will have a light, a focus, and a light.

I didn't really listen to the fabric recommendations from the designer. I had seen this fabric at the store, and I wanted it. Wanted it!!!! So I got it. I can see that the middle design would have worked better brighter, but I loved the fabric. Wish I'd done a larger size. The quilt was in 3 sizes, and each had a different layout.

In the spirit of the new name of this blog, I will confess several silly mistakes...the worst was making 32 2.5 inch blocks in the wrong size. Didn't take long to fix it, but I was sure glad I had extra fabric. Bought it on purpose! Plus scraps....I luv me some scraps!

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floribunda said...

I think it looks soft and soothing just the way it is! I didn't join in this mystery but I did save the pattern...