Friday, October 20, 2006

Maple leaves

So the sewing room is packed up for a while for company and other business. We've been getting ready for the hayride. (bought 10 pumpkins and 70 hot dogs yesterday!) I haven't really been in the mood to sew much lately, but now that I can't, I really want to. Go figure. I did finish the binding on both quilts I had not completed last night. That feels good.

Here are a couple of pictures of the fabric I have been collecting for maple leaves. Right now I am making just one from each fabric, but may have to go back later and double up. I'm trying not to spend any money on fabric right now.

Here are some more of my finished leaves. I like the way some of the color and tones vary. I still don't have a creamy brown for the accent fabric.


Angie said...

Oooh Onnie, I love your fabrics for your leaves! I've only gotten about half of my leaves done, doing them one at a time, and none of the alternate blocks yet, but I keep reminding myself that I'm not in a race here. LOL I still want to come for that hayride!! LOL

Hedgehog said...

Beautiful fabrics for the leaves!