Thursday, February 04, 2016

Cough, blow

Well, I am still here chugging along.  But slowly.  Blowing my nose and coughing as I go.  I made a horrible mistake.  I didn't go to the doctor when I realized I was going to need to go.  Instead, I loaded up the car and went to see my boys in North Carolina wrestle!

So it was really, really fun.  Really.  Lost my voice by 9:30 Saturday morning.  Went downhill from there.

Mistake #2.  Decided since I already had a physical, I'd just wait until Tuesday.  So let's count.  I knew I should go Thursday.  Didn't go until Tuesday.  This stuff had all those days to dig in and it acts like it's here to stay.  Have done nothing for 4 days except cough and whine to my husband, poor guy.

But they were worth it!

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