Monday, February 22, 2016


Well, things are getting back to normal here. I am still having some asthma, but basically I'm better. I've been working on my snowmen, and here are the ones I've done since last time.

This is my daughter's snowman.  Notice her glass of wine.  She has 3 kids so I gave her 2 snow angels, and then Joey is back by the house jumping around.  You just gotta' know Joe to appreciate this!
The block below is almost, but not quite finished.  My son is a geophysicist and he loves the west and, of course, rocks.  This is his unfinished snowman at the Grand Canyon. I found this color sheet and totally adapted it.  I love that he's standing on a rock.
This is my daughter-in-law's snowman.  She used her initials and was very original.  I just added a branch and she's hanging vines.
This is my granddaughter's. She is into some anime thing so she drew her snowman to be a character in the series.  The perspective is a little off, but I love it.
And this is the other 5 year old's.  She has her dogs.  Buster is at the bottom and Millie is chasing a cat at the top.  They are all very happy.
I went down to the sewing room and made two more patterns this morning.  I also finished packing up my Christmas decorations.  They are packed up, but not put away.

So I continue to listen to news and worry about our country while I sew.  Talk about hell in a handbasket!!

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Charlene S said...

Your snowmen are as unique as most families.