Monday, March 03, 2014

February could have been a better month!

I haven't done much quilting as such, but have been doing a lot of handwork. It has been very comforting for me. I've had some bad tests results lately and will have to have surgery very soon, and then some radiation, I think. That is the plan right now. Everything seems to change in a heartbeat, so I'm no quite sure. More tests and doctors this week!  But sitting and stitching has been a calming influence since the first of the year.

 I have started my Tula Pink Hex on the Beach now, and it's killing me. I've done hexies before, but these seem a little short on fabric! Someone I read even did them with glue stick since it was so short. I've never gone right through the hex before, but I don't guess it will matter in the long run. I'm just getting started, and I hope it gets faster cause I'm working slow right now!!  I do love the fabric.

Just a few more to do!!
I finished all 12 of my Hocuspocusville blocks during January and February.  I enjoyed them so much.  I've even thought about doing another one! How is that for punishment!!
Only one cut down to size so far.
I changed the names on the buildings to grandkid or family names.  This was Spooky Lou's but it's now Spooky Joe's!  That was an easy change!!

My granddaughter, Grace, thought this should be Onnie's Stitches instead of a child.  I'm Onnie to the kids.  A grandson tried to say Nana and it came out Onnie, and it stuck.

Here's Ruby's candy shop.  She will be so happy!
Grace has a beauty salon and Georgia has an apothecary.  That is all I could work in.  I used the girls and the youngest boy.  Hope nobody gets their feelings hurt.

So I am trying to decide what to work on for now.  I think I will try to get Hocus Pocusville top done as soon as I can.  I was thinking about hand quilting it, but I'll have to see.  I think it's 60x60 so that's a lot of hand quilting!

I'll appreciate all the positive vibes I can get!  The next few months will not be fun.  But I will be sewing when I can!


Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear that things could be better. I'll send some good thoughts your way! I like your little embroideries.

Yarncrafter said...

Thoughts, good vibes, and prayers sending your way. May every stitch you make be one towards better health each time. God bless you. Love the idea so including the children's names in the shop titles on the blocks. They will love seeing that. I taught elementary school for 34 years, and when teaching third grade latitude and longitude, I drew a huge map of islands and different land forms and included a "place" using each student's name, like Carol' s Cove, Mark's Mountain, or Jerry's Jungle. It was amazing how quickly the children picked up the skill of latitude and longitude. They thought it was a game. Thanks for linking in to the Design Wall posts, I've enjoyed visiting.
Rae (