Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well, very little sewing has been done around here. We have been working on emptying our house in town so we can get rid of it. I have found some treasure, as the title says. I've found a lot of handwork that my mom and aunt did....some experiments in painting on fabric, some odd quilt blocks, and lots of linens and crocheted pieces. I wish I could remember how to crochet. Well, maybe not.

How many afghans can a person have? I guess I have Mom's, Ruby's, and mine, and I bet there are more than a dozen. And I have a huge, huge, huge trashsack full of mismatched skeins of yarn. I'm going to have Holly look through and decide if she wants some of the cooler stuff, and then I'm getting rid of it. (I'll try to remember to take some pictures and post them)

On the quilting front, I have added fabric to the back of the baby quilt. It looks ok, but I'm still unhappy. I have the binding picked out from my stash, and it's laid out to cut, but not done. I am going to have to finish up a few things and pack things away up there so I can pack things up more for company.

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