Sunday, January 17, 2016


So I am still stitching snowman. Will get some pictures and show the 2 that are finished soon.  But I have really had something horrible happen!! Feedly.  They changed their whole set up and I lost every single one of my quilting blogs!!!!!  I mean really!! This is horrible.

Now I must start all over.  I know I don't have many readers, but if you are out there (echo, echo) and have the time, let me know your favorite blogs so I can start building up again.  There is someone named Linda in Alabama (close to me in Tennessee) who lost her husband a couple of years ago that I really like to keep up with, but have no clue how to find her. I do have Judy in TX and Bonnie, of course, but that is it!!!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.  And snowman pictures to come soon.  Stay warm and cuddle with a quilt!!


Charlene S said...

Oh, that is a tragedy.

Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

I know!! Still only have 3!!!

Lorrie Shore said...

Linda is at I read her blog, too. She has lots of "quilt shows" on her blog.