Thursday, July 06, 2006

And the complications continue...

So I decided the only way to want to sew was just to get up there and do it. I worked on the tri-recs border for the scrap quilt. And wouldn't you know it, they are about 1/2 inch too short on each end. I have no clue what I have done. I am going back through them and double checking seams, and that slowed me down.

I absolutely love Deb's designs from Quiltaholics, but I always have the tiniest bit of trouble. I think her definition of beginner, and my definition of beginner aren't the same! If you haven't checked out her designs, head over there. She is great!

I would take a picture of my latest disaster, I can't. I made a big mistake. I pulled weeds. For about 5 minutes. I have been in bed or on couch all day. My back is totally out of whack. I am going to have to break down and do something about it eventually, I guess.

All my good intentions.....sheesh.

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